Professional Artists Try The Left Hand vs Right Hand Art Challenge *IMPOSSIBLE*

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Today we tried to draw with our non dominant hand! This was harder than we thought...
Cartoon Block:
Art with Flo:
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ZHC پیش سال
ARTISTTT ARMYYYYY!!!!! Do you think you can draw something with your non dominant hand ;) and if you can use both...leave now,,,u are probably a celestial being... Congrats on first comment: Melios !
I’m a fellow Equestrian
I’m a fellow Equestrian پیش 16 روز
Only 10% of people are left handed so we are rare! I find it soooooooo hard to draw with my right hand
Blaise Hainley
Blaise Hainley پیش 16 روز
i cant draw with my left hand
karlmichael Iroma
karlmichael Iroma پیش 19 روز
@Queenpoatotv Aj what's your real name
I’m a fellow Equestrian
I’m a fellow Equestrian پیش 24 روز
I’m left handed 👁👄👁 🤣
Joeymakes پیش ماه
i’m left handed
Fishy AMB the joke
Fishy AMB the joke پیش روز
I use my right hand
Chantelle Dwight
Chantelle Dwight پیش 2 روز
Mostly the people who are right handed like and are good at drawing like me
Uthaya Uthayakumar
Uthaya Uthayakumar پیش 2 روز
That girl won
UCpwZ0ilKnw BO7dTw3fWq2g
UCpwZ0ilKnw BO7dTw3fWq2g پیش 4 روز
*Im* *Left* *Handed*
Mr Mystery ?
Mr Mystery ? پیش 4 روز
Sarah Greenwood
Sarah Greenwood پیش 4 روز
Can you make a drawing book please
Khldx2 Ahmad
Khldx2 Ahmad پیش 11 روز
Krystal Dillon
Krystal Dillon پیش 11 روز
Well your non dominant drawing is better than my dominant drawing cause I can't draw at all
Forever Blinkeu
Forever Blinkeu پیش 13 روز
That girl that was drawing was amazing with both her hands!!!!
Megas Minecraft world
Megas Minecraft world پیش 14 روز
U sound like Morgan u use the same track
Water Boi
Water Boi پیش 14 روز
ZHC its a torture having to watch your own drawing
Baylees Art
Baylees Art پیش 16 روز
I am going to train myself to learn to draw with my left hand on my channel so inspired and the art is amazing even with non dominant hand
Aarushi Aarav
Aarushi Aarav پیش 18 روز
Actually Evan burse your left hand drawing is actually nice
NG CHEUK LING [4D16]吳卓泠 پیش 19 روز
I’m right handed soooooooooooooo.................
Seth Myers
Seth Myers پیش 22 روز
I spent my whole life in a wheel chair... Today i stood up for the first time to turn the volume down
Sonali Kirtikar
Sonali Kirtikar پیش 24 روز
I am a left handed and thumbnail is a shame for me I draw good
cody nguyen
cody nguyen پیش 25 روز
😢I am left handed
Gemma Johnson
Gemma Johnson پیش 25 روز
Love you💛
The_s_squad Gaming
The_s_squad Gaming پیش 26 روز
I draw with my left hand. And I am still one of the best drawers in my class.
PintPinecone پیش 26 روز
I’m left handed lol
Spxwkz پیش 26 روز
Wow they were all good... But the best one is the *girl drawing*
Bacondoes _YT
Bacondoes _YT پیش 27 روز
Hey ZHC Can u tell me where u got all ur stationery please
Sebastian Gonzalez reviews
Sebastian Gonzalez reviews پیش 27 روز
I think art with flow did the best
The TrixFoxRox
The TrixFoxRox پیش 27 روز
im painting with left hehe :))
Zidane's Den
Zidane's Den پیش 27 روز
I draw with both left and right
Zackie the Dino
Zackie the Dino پیش 27 روز
Me: *sees my friend drawing marshmello using left hand. Me: HOW ON EARTHH- Me: *attempts to do it. Me: look at this ugly masterpiece, I want to know how to draw using left hand. Laft hend: Good luck then >:D
left hand story
left hand story پیش 28 روز
Omg this so beautiful,thanks for sharing ,great job😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️....
Art Playz
Art Playz پیش 28 روز
Haha I’m a lefty, possibly younger than ZHC, and maybe as good as him..
Games Walpapers
Games Walpapers پیش 28 روز
0 32 melodi?
RustleYubified پیش 28 روز
I am left handed so....
dolier2006 پیش 28 روز
As with so many IRpost videos, you have to endure a hell of a lot of irrelevant blather before the presenter gets to the point. And it's not as if all that stuff is entertaining.
Collin Booty
Collin Booty پیش 29 روز
All of the left hand drawings are super better than my right hand drawings and I’m right handed
Radhika Nidadavolu
Radhika Nidadavolu پیش ماه
Play a video game will you!!!!!!
that guy
that guy پیش ماه
I'm left handed and my art looks like their left hand drawing
Sf lil shorty
Sf lil shorty پیش ماه
I am not right And ppl bully me bc i hold my penicilline weird but… At least I am left And i paint better True roast
Calico Does games
Calico Does games پیش ماه
Caption marvel was insanely good left and right
XxLilyfradXxシ پیش ماه
I KNOW 😅😅 I’m so bad at left I’m at good right
Blue.offcial Is not sus
Blue.offcial Is not sus پیش ماه
I’m left-handed
PizzaRiya A
PizzaRiya A پیش ماه
The lady did so good
Karen Thornton
Karen Thornton پیش ماه
Adrian Segovia
Adrian Segovia پیش ماه
I think flo should try normal paper cause she kinda cheated
Leanne Magowan
Leanne Magowan پیش ماه
But what if those artist were already lefties?
Leanne Magowan
Leanne Magowan پیش ماه
Pikachu:laughs Me:waaaaaat 4:03
Raheal Juancent
Raheal Juancent پیش ماه
who here vibing the music at the end LOL
MrDunx Dev
MrDunx Dev پیش ماه
Even with left hand, they all draw way better then me
Yousef Shamseddini
Yousef Shamseddini پیش ماه
Ok rip me I thought I was goin to be an artist
Xx SilverIcee xX
Xx SilverIcee xX پیش ماه
im left handed lol
Wan Amni
Wan Amni پیش ماه
1 Day i hope we can meet in malaysia
Arnixツ پیش ماه
I have a left hand and it is not imposseble🤔😡
Timothy Guerra
Timothy Guerra پیش ماه
How do you expect to be bad with a computer?
Elkan Sikalumbi
Elkan Sikalumbi پیش ماه
I'm left handed and i know how to draw I'll challenge myself to use my right hand
JJ Boi
JJ Boi پیش ماه
I wonder how many left handed people who like to draw are out there... Because I’m one of them
Wahata brasio
Wahata brasio پیش ماه
How to Draw
How to Draw پیش ماه
Eva Doornewaard
Eva Doornewaard پیش ماه
that guy drawing spiderman is better with left than im with right.... 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😢😢😥😥😥😥😅😅😅😅😅 But they al were
Jeremylocruz0714 پیش ماه
R361NA nona
R361NA nona پیش ماه
i draw with my left arm and draw really good i cant draw with right hand
Alex Cøøkie
Alex Cøøkie پیش ماه
*i am left handed :3*
waqiy roslan
waqiy roslan پیش ماه
My cousin broke my copic marker
Kelly-Marie Brown
Kelly-Marie Brown پیش ماه
my left hand booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy
Alvin Wu
Alvin Wu پیش ماه
I’m a leftie so yeh Sad me
darwing mouse
darwing mouse پیش ماه
So far ZHC is the worst
shawn b
shawn b پیش ماه
this video is like age 9 and older
Tahmidur Rahman
Tahmidur Rahman پیش ماه
And here I draw worser with my right hand than their left hand
Ralph Lemuel
Ralph Lemuel پیش ماه
CONG TV background music
LittleCrazyDude پیش ماه
Their left hand is better than both my hands!!
April Madrid
April Madrid پیش ماه
You should pick left handded pepole artist and right
daysi campoverde
daysi campoverde پیش ماه
I draw with my left hand atcily
Incredible Ahmed!
Incredible Ahmed! پیش ماه
D-D-D Dule
·sky inky·
·sky inky· پیش ماه
Can you show me to draw good to!?
;-; •Itzliana •
;-; •Itzliana • پیش ماه
I’m a leftie and this was stressing watching dis cuz they suck at drawing With their left hand I’m a quarantined artist hehe boi
Mujeer Musaliyar Parambil
Mujeer Musaliyar Parambil پیش ماه
Cool art Man
Mythy Boy
Mythy Boy پیش ماه
Caption Marvel with left hand I wish I can also draw like that
We all have that one friend
We all have that one friend پیش ماه
Isn't it funny how Zac was the only one who raged
JoJo SAMA پیش 2 ماه
It so relax when see u drawing
Rishika Raman
Rishika Raman پیش 2 ماه
U rock
Mayed Bangalorewala
Mayed Bangalorewala پیش 2 ماه
One Artist: I won't say it's impossible ZHC: Its impossible
Ishan patel
Ishan patel پیش 2 ماه
the girl artist was the best
Harry Cunth
Harry Cunth پیش 2 ماه
1:35 , yeah..he's used to using his right hand for something 🥒
Prince KZ & MakeMoney WorldWide
Prince KZ & MakeMoney WorldWide پیش 2 ماه
Hahahaha, that 🤣 was soo funny because I thought I was bad with my opposite hand. Wow! But some of the drawings were Okay! Hahahaha!
Maanvi Khairkar
Maanvi Khairkar پیش 2 ماه
Zacky gave kisssi 🙈
BELLA THE X NAME My name is not x :c
BELLA THE X NAME My name is not x :c پیش 2 ماه
Wait a minute I did my left hand... I can’t do right hand.....
alexa gacha
alexa gacha پیش 2 ماه
I left handed and I can draw cuz I have brachial plexus my right arm
Hera Jaimee
Hera Jaimee پیش 3 ماه
that guy
that guy پیش 3 ماه
I miss this zach☹
Gage Alonzo
Gage Alonzo پیش 3 ماه
I'm left handed
Stefany Trochez
Stefany Trochez پیش 3 ماه
Zach you the best
Samthepro2012 I don’t care
Samthepro2012 I don’t care پیش 3 ماه
No the boy artist
I don't know how @moriah elisabeth draw, paint and crafting with left hand
Dilaj Siwa
Dilaj Siwa پیش 3 ماه
Zhc smells copics like drugs
Johnclay Maui
Johnclay Maui پیش 3 ماه
Im left hand
Best_ Parrot16
Best_ Parrot16 پیش 3 ماه
I'm writing and I'm drawing with my left hand.
Adnaan Mohammed
Adnaan Mohammed پیش 3 ماه
can u give me10$
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia پیش 3 ماه
im an artist and left handed
Krish Varun Karthikeyan CSA CBE
Krish Varun Karthikeyan CSA CBE پیش 3 ماه
Ya ur prone to cancer ♋️ if ur sniffing copics good luck bright future guy
Krish Varun Karthikeyan CSA CBE
Krish Varun Karthikeyan CSA CBE پیش 3 ماه
I’m a leftie 😎 but I suck in drawing right hand 😂🤣
Lily McLeod
Lily McLeod پیش 3 ماه
Their left handed drawings were still 10000000000000 times better than my right handed drawings
Rengoku Kyojuro
Rengoku Kyojuro پیش 3 ماه
I feel sad now of being left handed :(
Lila Woodier
Lila Woodier پیش 3 ماه
I draw like a 2 year old with my left hand 😂🤣😅
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